Durham City Chameleons has been approved for a

Juel & Juel Prep franchise for the 2019/20 Season!

juel prep.png

The JUEL of Ontario is an independent Provincial League, providing opportunities for Players throughout the entire Province.

Our model and its successes have now become the foundation of other upstart leagues throughout Canada.

JUEL is inclusive of all Players because we provide opportunities for everyone exclusive of their financial status. We want the best players to play in our league, not just a selected few who can afford it.

JUEL Prep was created to provide opportunities for Players to develop and transition into JUEL.

Part of the initial plan for JUEL was to allow all of our players the opportunity to attend and play at their local High School during each fall, these are said to be the "best years of your life". With this in mind Basketball doesn't become the only focus in a young women's life, they still get the opportunity to be with their non-basketball friends and close to their families helping them become well-rounded.

The Women's game is fortunate that the majority of players are able to excel on the court as well as in the classroom; this is why Regional teams are so successful. They provide the opportunity for each player to represent their Region as part of a stronger group while staying at home.