The best way to bring in the holiday season is the gift of giving.  Each holiday season the DCBA puts on an Annual Food rive to help those less fortunate. Players and spectators are requested to donate two non-perishable items or $5 to contribute to the event.

All donations will go towards Feed the Need Food Bank in Durham.

We are looking forward to having a great event and seeing everyone come together for a great cause! But why stop there?

Durham City Basketball will also hold a PEP RALLY to introduce our REP teams to the community and celebrate the hard work of the players and coaches! Each team will play a series of friendly games between DCBA teams in a very FUN environment with live music and many prizes to give away!

EVENT: DCBA Pep Rally Food Drive!
PLEASE BRING: Each player and spectator is expected to bring 2 Non-perishable items or donate $5
TIME: 2:30pm


Each game will be 25 minutes (run time)
3 minutes for warm up 
2 minutes for halftime   

Team that appears on the left will be the HOME team (lighter jersey).


Revised *12/16 - 8:05am

Court 1. 3pm - DC United 7 vs. Major Atom Central
Court 2. 3pm - Bantam Chameleons vs. Major Bantam Chameleons 
Court 3. 3pm - Major Atom Chameleons vs. Major Atom East

Court 1. 3:30pm - Major Bantam Central vs. Major Bantam West
Court 2. 3:30pm - Midget Chameleons vs. Junior Chameleons
Court 3. 3:30pm - Midget Central vs. Major Midget West

Court 1. 4pm - Juvenile vs. DC United 9
Court 2. 4pm - Major Atom Chameleons vs. Major Atom Central
Court 3. 4pm - DC United 10 vs. Major Midget West

Court 1. 4:30pm -  Midget Chameleons vs. Major Bantam Chameleons
Court 2. 4:30pm - Juvenile vs. Major Midget Central  
Court 3. 4:30pm - DC United 7 vs. Major Bantam Central

Court 1. 5pm - Bantam Chameleons vs. Midget Chameleons  
Court 2. 5pm - Bantam West vs. Major Bantam West
Court 3. 5pm - Novice Central vs. Atom Chameleons 

Court 2. 5:30pm - Atom Central vs. Atom West 

Court 3. 5:30pm - Major Midget Central vs. Major Midget West  

Court 1. 6pm - Major Atom East vs. Atom Central 
Court 2. 6pm - DC United 10 vs. Midget Central   

Court 3. 6pm - Novice East vs. Atom West                                                                      

Court 2. 6:30pm - DC United 9 vs. DC United 10   

Dear Durham City Basketball Assoc.:

Thank you very much for your generous donation of food (270 lbs) to Feed the Need in Durham. We appreciate your kind gift.

Thousands of people in Durham (38% of whom are children) depend upon emergency food providers so your thoughtful donation will certainly make a difference.

Feed the Need in Durham provides perishable and non-perishable food to 50+ member agencies (food banks, shelters, food pantries, meal programs and soup kitchens). We are currently distributing over 250,000 pounds of food every month.

It is because of supporters like you that Feed the Need in Durham is able to respond to hunger and provide assistance to the hungry in our community. Thanks again for making a difference for many people.


Julien LeBourdais
Executive Director
— Feed The Need in Durham