Winter Circuit - Session # 1


My name is Santianna Davy. The team I play for is UPLAY Blue.

What I liked about Rose league session one was the competitiveness and the aggressiveness.

It was a fun experience to have almost beaten the top team in rose…lost by two.

What i also liked about session one was how we got to meet two WNBA players. They both liked the way UPLAY played as a team  and they gave us some tips on how we can make our game better and what we can improve on as a team.

Session one was just the statement. We are coming to take the W for session 2 can’t wait!!!!!!


I am very happy to be apart of UPLAY! It was a great accomplishment for me as a grade 7 to make a grade 8 team. 

My first trip with UPLAY was to Virginia November 17-19 and it was fun and a great experience for me as a developing basketball player. 

I really enjoyed playing American players because it was a different type of competition and I had never done it before.

I was glad with the results we came back to Canada with 2-1 , we represented Canada in a great way. 

I love playing with UPLAY and this was a great first experience with the team. I am happy to be apart of UPLAY and DC!

Kamora Morgan


I was extremely excited to be a part of 11 players selected for the UPLAY grade 7 team. 

The good thing is that I was no stranger to my UPLAY team mates as I know a lot of them from the Canada Junior Academy 2018/2019. I was able to contribute in all games played by scoring with on ball and off ball defence.

Games were played at Boo Williams facility which had 8 basketball courts.  The energy in the complex was always high and intense with parents cheering and yelling instructions and their expertise in refereeing. The coaches were intense and focused and I know they have a lot to offer.

We played 5 games and finished 2/3 with one of the games going into overtime, tough loss.

Being added to the roster close to the tournament date, I flew to Washington with my dad and drove to Virginia (3hrs) to the hotel.

I am eager and looking forward to familiarize myself with Uplay offensive and defensive plays to have more of an opportunity to increase my court time in all aspects of the game.  I am looking forward to the next Made Hoops date!

Mateo Graham


Hi my name is Ally Fearon and I play for UPLAY blue. I find that UPLAY is a loving family. We all enjoy hanging out with one another when we are in the road.

I enjoy the competition and high ball level that we play at, it works on individual and group skill levels and I find that very important.

We played against the top team in our last tournament and lost by one in overtime but we fought hard for a win and made that team work.

Overall we played our best and that’s all we could do.

Can’t wait for session two.

Ally Fearon


My name is Jordyn Dawkins and I play for UPlay Blue.

Playing for UPlay was an experience I thought I would never get but, now that I am on the team, I am not taking it anything for granted. The training g sessions have been great because they focus on individual aspects of the game.

Going down to play in the states was to me, the best part of the program because I went to the states before but, it was nothing like going down with UPlay. Playing with them the competition is more intense and the difference between the refs in Canada and in the US is huge because in Canada the refs call every little touch while States side everything goes. They barely call anything and they just let you play.

We had our first session of Rose Lea8ue in Virginia and we went 1-2. We almost beat the #2 ranked team in overtime but lost by 2.

Another great thing is the coaching because it’s different than the other coaches I’ve had. 
So far UPlay has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait for session 2. 

Jordyn Dawkins