Winter Circuit - Session # 1


Mateo Graham

DC United U14 and UPlay Canada

I was extremely excited to be a part of 11 players selected for the UPLAY grade 7 team. 

The good thing is that I was no stranger to my UPLAY team mates as I know a lot of them from the Canada Junior Academy 2018/2019. I was able to contribute in all games played by scoring with on ball and off ball defence.

Games were played at Boo Williams facility which had 8 basketball courts.  The energy in the complex was always high and intense with parents cheering and yelling instructions and their expertise in refereeing. The coaches were intense and focused and I know they have a lot to offer.

We played 5 games and finished 2/3 with one of the games going into overtime, tough loss.

Being added to the roster close to the tournament date, I flew to Washington with my dad and drove to Virginia (3hrs) to the hotel.

I am eager and looking forward to familiarize myself with Uplay offensive and defensive plays to have more of an opportunity to increase my court time in all aspects of the game.  I am looking forward to the next Made Hoops date!

Mateo Graham


Ally Fearon

U15 Chameleons and UPLAY Canada

Hi my name is Ally Fearon and I play for UPLAY blue. I find that UPLAY is a loving family. We all enjoy hanging out with one another when we are in the road.

I enjoy the competition and high ball level that we play at, it works on individual and group skill levels and I find that very important.

We played against the top team in our last tournament and lost by one in overtime but we fought hard for a win and made that team work.

Overall we played our best and that’s all we could do.

Can’t wait for session two.

Ally Fearon


Taylor & Kamora

coming soon…