Gym Permits

Posted by DCBA ADMIN on Nov 13 2017 at 01:19PM PST

In the past few weeks, we’ve received a number of complaints from the School Board. They will cancel the permit if we do not address these issues ASAP:

  • School doors being propped open (by cones, chairs or mats).
  • Remaining in the gym/school after the permit.

School Doors

As per the School Board, doors will open 15min before your permit, and will lock 15min after your permit begins.
Some schools keep their doors open all evening. But schools are required to lock up.

If you arrive and the door is locked, please call a parent or coach to let you in.
Once inside, do not prop the door.

Having everyone on either Whatsapp or Team Snap will also help tremendously.
Parents should always remain in contact with each other throughout the season…practices, game locations, reminders can all be shared using one of these apps.


For example…If your permit ends at 10pm, you must be out by 10pm. Not finishing practice at 10pm.
The Custodian might not verbally say anything to you, but they are writing everything down and taking notes.

Time management is key. Your Coach must always be aware of the time. Give your Coach reminders near the end of practice to take note of the time.
With winter approaching, the players will need a bit more time to get ready.

Also, arriving on time for practice also helps every Coach manage their practice schedule.

Please communicate with your Coaches and Team Admin so we can avoid any future problems with the School Board.

Email us directly if you have any further questions.

Thank you.