Posted by Durham City Basketball Association on Feb 14 2017 at 11:27AM PST

As part of our Global Exchange Program, DCBA is proud to be hosting ASMB from France this week!

The players had the opportunity to attend the Raptors vs. Detroit game on Sunday.

On Monday, ASMB practiced with DC United 2022 @ the Raptors Biosteel Centre. The players are staying with our families throughout the week.

DC United 2022 will be traveling to France to complete the Global Exchange Program in July.

Catch ASMB Tuesday @ Denis O’Connor vs. Midget Bulldogs West @ 8pm.

Wednesday, ASMB will be @ Sinclair Secondary vs. Midget Bulldogs Central @ 8pm.

Closing festivities for the Exchange Program occurs back @ Denis O’Connor on Thursday at 8pm.